The case of North Macedonia: Posted workers - developing patterns and trends

Vienna, Ilijevski, K. & Iloska, A. (2021). Vienna: European Centre.

The policy brief describes the main characteristics of the posting of citizens of North Macedonia to EU and non-EU member states, with a main focus on the construction sector. Although North Macedonia is not yet an EU member state, the country is already experiencing inflows and outflows of posted workers. The practice demonstrates that the regulatory framework represents an enabler of different patterns of posting: 1) the Law on Labour Relations, which creates various irregularities due to the absence of clear by-laws and procedures; and 2) the Law on Posting that has been further operationalized with bilateral agreements and is designed to respond to the labour shortages identified in the German labour market in the construction sector. The policy brief also provides recommendations on addressing the identified policy gaps. This policy brief is available in English and Macedonian.