Policy briefs

Enfoster Brief no. 3: Transnational Posting of Workers within the EU: emerging challenges and opportunities in the light of Directive 2014/67/EU.

Modena, Giannini, D. (ed.) (2015). Modena: Istituto Guglielmo Tagliacarne.

The authors analyse the main issues and problems faced by the Member States during the transposition of Enforcement of the Posting of Workers Directive 2014/67/EU focusing particularly on the construction and road transport sectors in four case studies (Belgium, Germany, Italy and Romania).

Reducing the numbers of occupational victims requires an alternative prevention policy

Brussels, Eshuis, W. (2015). Brussels: ETUI.

The author of this Policy Brief argues that the regulatory approach is effective only in cases where employers actually care about the quality of working life, pointing out that many employers turn a blind eye to the health and safety problems facing their workforces .

TTIP: fast track to deregulation and lower health and safety protection for EU workers

Brussels, Aida Ponce Del Castillo (2015). Brussels: ETUI.

This Policy Brief focuses on how EU occupational health and safety may be affected by the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Language barriers and the occupational safety and health of posted workers

Vienna, Zólyomi, E. & Danaj, S. (2019). Vienna: European Centre.

In this Policy Brief, the authors present language barriers faced by posted workers in nine European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) and discuss the implications these may have for their occupational safety and health (OSH). The brief offers recommendations for policy that could help reduce OSH risks many posted workers are exposed to due to language barriers.